begreen - from nature, for nature

We at begreen AG have clear visions and ideas about sustainability. Healthy plants and environmental protection are a concern for us and we are concerned about our drinking water.
Corresponding research in the last 15 years, preceded all our products. The results have been and are thoroughly investigated by independent institutions. The increase in diseases which are based on the use of chemical substances (for example, glyphosate), as well as the increased resistance of the pests, has prompted us to search for herbal and ecological alternatives..
All our products are based on: healthy plants (natural and without use of genetically manipulated seeds), healthy diet (no chemical substances), healthy soil (no salinisation, no further destruction of the nutrient medium), as well as clean water (reduction of nitrogen and nitrogen) Phosphorus in drinking water)..
A selection of our products can be found in our online shop. Our product range ranges from plant strengthening agents for agriculture and garden and home areas to insect protection for humans and animals. All products are of course biologically and plant-based.