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  • begreen Fruit Concentrate

    The self-cultivation of nutritious plants such as vegetables, fruit or herbs is very popular here. Especially the cultivation of own fruits is a pleasure for many hobby gardeners and offers a special taste experience.

  • begreen Green and Flowering Plant Concentrate

    The begreen green and flowering plant concentrate is a biological plant-strengthening agent in liquid form and is ideally suited for use on all green and flowering plants. In addition to the complementary nutrient supply by trace elements, the medium gives the plants a rich green and powerful flower colors.

  • begreen House Plant Concentrate

    The begreen House Plant Concentrate is a natural plant-strengthening agent from organic plant extracts and is ideally suited for application to all indoor plants. Optimal plants are less susceptible to diseases and pests and are characterized by a rich green and magnificent flowers as well as a vital growth.

  • begreen Houseplants Spray

    begreen Houseplants Spray strengthens the immune system and reduces the plant stress caused by dryness, heat and bad soil. The plants are better protected against pests and fungal attack and develop beautiful flowers and beautiful green. Ideal for dry room air, especially during the heating season.

  • begreen Kitchen Herb Spray

    begreen kitchen herb spray promotes the growth and aroma of herbs. By natural cell multiplication, the aroma is preserved during growth! Protect your herbs ideally from dry room air, especially during the heating period.

  • begreen Orchid Care Concentrate

    The begreen orchid care is a natural plant-strengthening agent from organic extracts and is suitable for orchids. The natural ingredients strengthen the roots and flowers, so that the exotic plants can present with a vital and strong growth as well as most beautiful flowers.

  • begreen Orchids Spray

    begreen orchid spray strengthens the immune system of the orchid and reduces plant stress, e.g. In case of dryness, heat, cold or unfavorable soil conditions. The orchids develop stronger roots and beautiful flowers. Ideal for dry room air in the heating season.

  • begreen Roses Care Concentrate

    begreen rose care is a natural plant strengthening agent and is ideal for the care of rose plants. In addition to important trace elements from organic plant extracts, the nursing spray contains further components which promote flower formation and stimulate bud formation.

  • begreen Roses Spray

    begreen Roses Spray strengthens the vitality and the immune system of the roses and has a favorable effect on the soil life without polluting the environment. begreen roses spray reduces fungal attack like mildew and rose rust. Ideal for better leaf and flower development as well as strong rooting.

  • begreen Universal Concentrate

    begreen Universal is the bioorganic growth promoter for optimal leaf, flowering and fruit development and ensures ideal germination and rooting.